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POLL FINAL ROUND: Who Do You Most Want To See A Followup On?

Ok folks, we made it to the final round. Thanks to everyone who voted in all the previous rounds. Now it’s time to pick from the Top 2 vote-getters from each poll. So, who would you most like to see in a followup episode (or at least a legacy Skype update)? The winner will receive, well… bragging rights I guess? But who knows, maybe the producers will find this and take it into consideration when they’re doing followup calls.  Your vote could make the difference!

(Clicking on the name will open up that episode summary in a new tab)

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  1. kitty katt

    Hi Dizzy, YOU are the one who deserves to have bragging rights in all of this for the service you do here on this page. If anything, the show Intervention should have you on their payroll for keeping up with this!

    Thank You! We get more information on here than anywhere else.

    1. Dizzy

      Thank you SO MUCH for the support and encouragement! I really do appreciate all the love I get from you guys, and I’m so happy this community exists.

  2. Stefan

    God I’ll be mad if Cristy wins. We all already know that she continues to use, and she doesn’t deserve anymore attention. Honestly, I’ve thought she deserves just as much as Gabe the gambler to not receive any more attention then they’re already gotten.

    1. Dizzy

      Yeah I seriously pondered not putting her in the final round for those exact reasons, but ultimately I figured I should listen to the will of the people on this one.

      1. Stefan

        Would you seriously reconsider adding doing a profile on Gabe? Like him or not, he is a part of the show’s history, and I’ve often wondered what become of him and his parents.

    2. Andy

      I know it looks like she’s winning too. We’ve all seen her fake Facebook her boyfriend posted so we all know she’s still using. Apparently she’s never seen her son either.

  3. Shoshana

    Really surprised Bryceton didn’t make the list. I always think of him first and foremost, for whatever reason, when I think of Intervention. It was a hard decision for me between Dallas and Sierra, but I went with Dallas. Thanks, Dizzy, for all the time you put into this site. It means a lot to all of us Intervention addicts.

  4. Martha Story Jones

    I’d love to find out whatever happened to Courtney, the very young heroin addict. Her Mom, sister and sister’s fiance all desperately tried to intervene on her but she turned them down. I’m pretty sure that Donna Chavoux was her interventionist. Courtney was prostituting too and she just broke my heart.

    Any updates? Thank you.

    1. Dizzy

      You can often find updates in the comments on their individual pages. Here is Courtney’s

  5. Martha Story Jones

    I also pray that Sierra has received the treatment she’s worth and wholly deserves.

  6. Andy

    I voted Ed and Bettina. I mean we’ve seen with some of the addicts posted above, arrests, people who know them commenting. Like I think Lana was arrested a year or two ago. Cristy is still using to this day. Kaila is apparently doing really well and is now at a healthy weight. Amy P. was still having issues years after her episode aired. I don’t recall ever hearing about Ed and Bettina and can’t find there episode anywhere.

  7. Stefan

    As mentioned on her page, we’ll probably never get a formal update (a la Intervention Legacy) from Amy P, as her and her family seem have ill feelings towards the whole experience.

    1. Andy

      I honestly wish her episode didn’t air. It didn’t help her in anyway. This episode ruined her reputation and she still struggles.

      1. kitty katt

        She’s not the only one who’s been on the show that is struggling. Those shows are also shown.

        They had a choice to be on it. No one ruined it for them.

        Not everyone gets a fairy tale ending.

  8. Ami West

    Just curious as to how it ruined Amy P’s reputation? I don’t understand why they are all upset with the show? They did choose to be on it.

    I too would like to thank you Dizzy for all of your hard work on this website. I love it and I think you are wonderful!!

  9. Janelle

    I voted for Rocky. I’d love to see how he’s doing – if he’s remained sober, what his relationship with his sons is like, if he’s still homeless, if he’s gotten back into training young fighters, etc.

  10. Tobie

    It would be interesting to see follow ups (perhaps not Cristy, exactly) on people who are NOT sober/clean. Let’s face it, this is a big part of addiction- many do not recover. Interesting to see what the family has chosen to do after the intervention.

    1. Stefan

      ^^^This. I also wouldn’t mind seeing a follow-up with families of addicts whom have died, namely Bret’s (I follow his daughter on Facebook and she’s doing great!).

    2. Janelle

      Follow-ups on addicts who are doing poorly would be good for the show’s ratings…they would appeal to the viewers who tune in each week because they want to be entertained instead of enlightened, i.e. who like the graphic content and the drama and find it gratifying to see other people at their lowest. However, they wouldn’t do much for the show’s overall integrity.

  11. Lynn

    Dana because she is going to give the show something they didn’t have before..and bring her voice with it

  12. Sue Ellen Hegstrom

    I’m surprised Linda (the Percapops addict) was not included on the list either. Are there legalities in the way?

  13. Jolyn

    I want to see a follow-up on Chuckie.

  14. Candace

    I would absolutely love to hear how Emily is doing! I know they don’t show eating disorder shows anymore, or even the tradition style shows intervention used to do, but her episode was the most memorable eating disorder episode. I wish they would go back to the traditional style, but I also understand most people would then know if they did a certain documentary, it was most likely intervention. Have they done an updated with Emily that I can’t find??