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Season 22, Episode 12 (Intervention Canada)

Age: 45
Location: Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
Addiction: Alcohol (beer)

Official Synopsis: Dan, a talented hockey player, struggled to live up to his alcoholic father’s expectations, and frequently bore the brunt of his dad’s booze-fueled rage. Dan’s desire to have an amicable father-son relationship came to an abrupt end when his father died in a car crash, prompting the 28-year-old Dan to descend into his own alcoholic abyss. After years of heavy drinking, he lost his job, wife and three kids. Now 45 and in poor health, Dan faces a desperate battle to beat his alcoholism. His children hope an intervention will save him before it’s too late.

What’s Memorable:  How fed up Dan’s whole family was, to the point of treating him like a joke, a stupid, filthy, misbehaving dog, while still fully taking care of him and his every need. Yelling at him, laughing at him, absolutely disgusted by him, then in genuine tears about how much they miss him and love him. His family may have enabled him to maintain this level of addiction,  but despite knowing it wasn’t working and that they had no control over his drinking, they feared everything would be so much worse if they stopped helping him, stopped trying to control him – which is a common dynamic on this show but still hard to watch in action. And he’s in the middle of all of it, hating himself for what he’s doing to them, but so singularly obsessed with the one and only thing that gets him to feel temporarily better about what he’s doing to his family, that he can’t stop doing it. Both the cause and the solution, as they say. This episode really showed how bad it can get when one person gets this sick and the whole family is forced into this insidious dysfunction, it’s all just so awful. What a nightmare for every single one of these good people. That’s why the follow-up at the treatment center was so freaking rewarding! Having sat through a whole episode of some of the worst effects of advanced alcoholism we’ve seen on this show (in my opinion), it was such a huge relief to see him come out sober and happy, and to see his kids actually beaming with pride! God that was awesome. Fantastic episode.

Interventionist: Andrew
Date Aired: May 24 2021  (Aired as Intervention Canada Season 5 Episode 5, on April 29, 2019)

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  1. Polina

    & the award for “Most Transformed EVER,” goes to…..
    Maybe bc I couldn’t believe he was 2 years older than me. He looked at least 10 & as someone who just finished chemotherapy for the 2nd time, I’m not looking too hot. But yeah, once he said yes to go, I was crying but when they showed him 3 months later, legit bawled. Anyone else?

    1. Ami

      Completely agree!! Bawled my eyes out. I couldn’t believe how much better he looked. I was surprised that he went and actually made it through with how deep he was in his addiction. It was a very happy ending.

  2. Gigi

    I have told friends that I’m addicted to this show and many have responded by saying that it’s too depressing for them. It is serious and can be very heavy but it never ceases to amaze what people can come back from. This was a VERY likable family doing their best under the circumstances…I’m SOOO happy for them 🙏

  3. Alison

    Wow..just watched this episode. Tears and more tears. So so proud of Dan. Im 18 years sober myself…I saw the hope in Dan..and his kids remind me of my son..the kids were the grown ups..lovely family..well done Dan!

  4. JGP

    This was a very disturbing episode to watch and I was happy to see his transformation and a happy ending.. His children were beautiful kids, inside and out, which is a great credit to their mother. The children’s reaction at the end made me cry. Kudos also to his ex-wife; she raised beautiful children.

  5. Sun

    Long time lurker, first time poster. In my life I have known loved and lost alcoholics. This particular episode really spoke to me. Dan reminds me of two people I have known. His saying yes to recovery had me sobbing. What a guy. What a group. I really wish there was some sort of follow up on Dan and his family.

  6. Stefan

    Yes to every word Dizzy and all the comments below. I also wanna add, “gosh golly” LOL

    1. Donna

      Gosh, golly is exactly what I was thinking! I’ve never wanted someone to succeed more than Dan and his family. Is there any way to get a current update? Also kudos to his interventionist who did amazing work.

  7. Jon

    After 22 seasons, this is my favorite one so far! What a story of redemption! The ex-wife did an amazing job raising 3 amazing children. I keep on rewatching the end, beautiful. Only thing I’d say, do not condemn other, because what we condemn in others, we become.

  8. Doug Keklak

    This was a top-five episode all-time for me in the entire run of the show! An unbelievable transformation! I’d also like to thank him, I have curbed my swearing by checking myself and saying “gosh, golly”

    1. Ami

      LMAO!! That is too funny.

  9. Ashley

    I mean they look very very similar to me

  10. Ashley

    Is it just me that thinks Dan and Chris Brady from season 6 look very very similar?

    1. GS

      He reminds me ALOT of Jeff, the firefighter, from Season 6. I literally thought it was him!

    2. Ashley

      Same exact first thought as well

  11. Raz

    Gosh golly that was a good episode! I’ve watched nearly all of them, but this one really hit me. I felt empathy for all involved. And what a pay off; I couldn’t have been prouder of Dan for his strength in embracing change. I hope he continues to hold sobriety and his family close, and that they all have many happy years together.

    And a quick shout out to Dizzy for creating and maintaining this awesome forum for us!

  12. Caroline

    Did anyone else cry more at this episode than almost any other?? Wow, I’m emotional. What a beautiful family. It felt like he immediately knew what he had to do when Andrew said “You’re still a father” and he replied “I’ve never lost that” and returned to the intervention. I really appreciate Andrew.

  13. Catherine

    I’m so proud of Dan and his children and his ex-wife! This was such an emotional episode; yes, I cried, too! I hope to God that Dan has had the strength and support to stay sober. Its sounds like the rehab center really changed his life, gosh golly!! Way to go Dan!

  14. Mr B

    Holy jumping!
    Gosh golly! (<– my wife actually says "golly gosh")

    I could tell from the beginning that he was a good soul, and hoped he would be able to overcome this. A genuine person, a wreck from the disease, but a good soul. So glad he has been successful in recovery, an incredible transformation.

    First time I can recall seeing someone soil themselves on the show. (BTW, I've always wondered, do hardcore alcoholics have to pee constantly?)

    I wish his old buddies from the picnic table were offered help as well. Holy jumping, that was a terrible scene. Shocked that there are lots of people like this just OUT.

    I also wondered what his life had been like in winter. Summer and warm weather outside is far different than cold and snow and inside. That must've been 10x harder for his family.

    Last thought, his daughter Caitlyn is gorgeous, and such a kind soul. 🙂

    1. Stef

      She’s gorgeous! (her brothers are cute too!) Such a pretty smile and gorgeous hair.

  15. Jim

    Just seen him fall down drunk outside of tim hortons in lindsay. Guess he relapsed.

    1. Gigi

      Nooooooo! That breaks my heart 😢

    2. Stefan

      Are you sure it was him? Did he say “gosh-golly”?

      1. Gigi

        OMG that tickled me…thank you 😆

    3. Erin Carmack

      Oh no I truly hope that’s not the case 🥺😭💔🥺

  16. Ginger

    Do we have an update or link to any of their social media? I don’t know that I have ever been cheering a family on more on this show! You could tell he was a genuinely good person. Hoping to see they’re all still doing well!

  17. Nina

    HOOOOOLLLLLYYY CRAP! This transformation… he looks AMAZING. I truly hope he maintains.

  18. G

    Oh man I just watched this episode and I hope so badly this man is able to stay sober. He seemed like such a genuinely good soul and I just hope he’s able to enjoy the rest of his life happy and healthy. Does anyone have an update on him?

  19. J

    the constant use of “Gosh golly!” reminded me of the woman in an older season who would always go “God almighty!”

  20. Sophie

    I am speechless at this episode. Actually in tears, and I never cry during this show. I am so proud of Dan and I am so in awe of his beautiful children. My heart was breaking for him and his family. That ending was so incredibly special; I truly did not recognize him! Wow. This was one of the best episodes I’ve seen. Again, I am so proud of him and wish Dan and his family only the best!

  21. Julian

    I found Dan’s Fb, but there are no Updates. Maybe he doesnt use it anymore. Would love to hear, that he is sober.

    When I saw his daughter Caitlyn, I fall in love immediately. Gorgeous and a great heart.
    The whole family is adorable.

  22. Erin Carmack

    I watched this and started crying because his oldest son reminds me of my childhood… I tried to find him online to reach out and be like dude so I totally ge the look in your eyes. I’m 31 years old now but it’s like my childhood was nonexistent just stripped away from us… I wanted my parents to heal but I know that look… in his eyes. It’s hard being the strong sibling too. Wherever he is… whoever you are— you’re a good person… also my email is [email protected] if you ever wanna talk to someone equally scarred Lmfao.

  23. Erin Carmack

    Also, ya know what else? I must add he looked so good and healthy toward the end of the episode!!! I just read a comment he relapsed though I really hope that’s false information… but my family is Irish and owned a liquor store for 3 generations. Just buried my uncle (last of the four kids from my dad’s generation) so had to watch my grandma bury her last child this past month. . . Some of its truly is genetic… so I try not to be angry when I think of my fathers passing and his three siblings. It will always be hard. Efff the friggin cliches right y’all? …. If you know…. And I hope you don’t ever have to… but you know what I’m saying.