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Season 22, Episode 13 (Intervention Canada)

Age: 36
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Addiction: Alcohol, Speed

Official Synopsis: When Pamela’s mother remarried, Pamela thought she’d finally regained the father figure she’d been missing for most of her life. But it was a short-lived dream as friction between Pamela and her stepfather forced her to leave the home in search of her long-lost father. Adding layers to Pamela’s plight, while living with her biological father she was further traumatized by exposure to his drug addiction. Surrounded by drugs and with no responsible adult to guide her, Pamela quickly turned to a life of partying and drugs. It wasn’t until Pamela had a son that she found purpose and sobriety. But because she had only a vague idea of what a stable family looked like, Pamela found motherhood a struggle and turned back to the one thing in her life that was consistent: alcohol and drugs. Now she’s estranged from her child, and her family fear that without a successful intervention, Pamela’s future is in serious doubt.

What’s Memorable: How nice and accommodating her family is to her and how they really avoid the hard conversations. Like there are zero family fights in this whole episode, that’s unheard of!  Jesse’s focus on ending the multigenerational cycle of addiction & neglect with Pam’s own son seemed to be a super effective angle to use with her. Great follow up, so glad to hear voice healing once she got out of that life.

Interventionist: Jesse Hanson
Date Aired: June 7 2021  (Aired as Intervention Canada Season 5 Episode 5, on Oct 13, 2018)

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  1. April S.

    Totally off topic but when Jesse told her at the Intervention, “You’re going to get on a plane…with me,” GAAHHH, my heart!
    I’d get on a plane with him ANY day, doesn’t matter the destination! *swoon*

    1. Stefan

      OMG same. He was especially hot in this episode.

  2. Elizabeth

    Cant believe how much her voice healed, I don’t remember ever watching an episode where someone’s voice box was so strongly affected. It looked like it hurt for her to talk sometimes, I’m so glad that got better! I hope she has maintained her sobriety, because for a second I felt like idk, doubt? That she would? Just in how she was speaking.. but I’m probably being paranoid lol anyway, glad she got sober!! Good job Pam! (I also adored the dad!)

    1. Fantasy Name

      That would be the result of the constant vomiting due to her liver failing. The acid in the vomit does damage the voice box after a while.
      I know about liver cirrhosis very well. I held my MIL’s hand when she passed away from it and she was throwing up blood constantly during the last stage of the illness.
      This lady is just a year older than me and looked like she was in her 40s. Alcohol really does a number on someone’s looks. The same happened to my MIL. She. was in her early 50s and when she was dying she became a skeleton and looked about 80 at that point. It’s a horrible disease.
      And as much as heroin or coke can be destructive as addictions, I think alcohol is worse because it does damage organs quickly. You can be addicted to certain drugs and quit them without much damage having been done to your organs.
      Pain pills for example are pretty benign in that sense. The only real risk is OD. If you just eat them they won’t end up destroying your liver or worse, like alcohol does. Not saying it’s good to be addicted to pain pills but an addiction to them is far better than an addiction to alcohol. even if the latter is legal to abuse.

      1. Geoff

        Agreed. Look up the sad fate of Veronica Lake.

      2. Pang

        Huh, thats really interesting. I never thought about it that way before.