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S25E9 Joey & Erika

Season 25, Episode 9

Joey & Erika

Age:  34 and 33
Location:  Albuquerque, New Mexico
Addiction: Meth


Official Synopsis:  Erika and Joey used meth together on their first date, beginning a drug-fueled romance that has wreaked havoc on their families. Joey’s family refuses to be around Erika, leading to tension in the relationship. With the couple now living in a shed and cut off from their children, both families must come together to save Erika and Joey before it is too late.

Date Aired: July 1, 2024

Interventionist:  Ken Seely

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  1. PrayingForEmAll

    Something of an update …. We are all pulling your y’all. Please do good.

    1. AK

      It seems like Erika has left Joey after he and his mom has relapsed:

      I would not encourage anyone to donate money because it is most likely going to go to enable them further. I do not think this is the right way to help addicts.

  2. Jess

    With this intervention, as with others, I noticed how tempting it is for individuals that feel different/ostrastized/”damaged” to latch onto this idea of “its just you and me” when they’re in a relationship (or “its us against the world,” or “you’re my forever love/soulmate/the only good thing in my life).” Its easy to romanticize, especially under the spell of addiction, but its *such* a messed-up, harmful mindset that fosters codependency and makes it easy to ignore red flags…while (ironically) undervaluing those things that actually keep a relationship healthy over time– support from friends/family, individual growth, and the self-worth that comes from independence. Romeo & Juliet isn’t a romantic ideal, y’all, its a cautionary tale! 🙂

    This is the second “couple-focused” episode I’ve seen this season, and in both cases the couples seemed determined to stay together, which…well, its hard to be optimistic about their chances. I hope they stay in sober living long enough to get as much strength and perspective as possible, and I wish them both luck.

  3. Kristin

    Erika posted on Reddit that all three unfortunately relapsed after returning home; first Bethann, then Joey, then Erika after returning home from sober living.
    She added that she left Joey 9 days ago and is sober since.

    1. AK

      This does not surprise me at all, HOWEVER I found Erika to be incredibly strong against all odds so if someone out of these 3 is going to make it then it is her. I truly hope she stays sober and will not go back to Joey and that environment in general.

  4. R G.

    Joey’s mother looks years older than her own mom (his grandmother). The ravages of meth.

    1. Lizzie

      I thought that Erika also looked much older than her age.

  5. Gregory

    Excellent episode, which seemed reminiscent of the “golden years” of INTERVENTION. Leave it to Ken Seeley to score a triple-win with these three very damaged addicts. I presumed incorrectly X3 in my predictions of which of them would succeed in treatment. I wish them all the very best. And it’s sure nice to see Ken back in action again. I admire him greatly.