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Season 3, Episode 6


Age: 50
Location: Los Angeles, California
Addiction: Alcohol

What’s memorable: By all accounts an amazing, happy, fun, cool guy that is now homeless on the streets of LA and drinks all day. Hubert’s story is the episode that made me realize what it is I learned from this show that makes me love it so much: That every addict you meet is so much more than what they seen. It’s harder to appreciate an addict’s humanity when you see them living at their rock bottom – homeless, panhandling, prostituting – but people like Hubert remind you of it. Also memorable: his bipolar homeless friend John who really tries to take care of him despite wanting to walk away but caring too much to that. The neighborhood real estate officer who saw Hubert’s humanity and called the Intervention producers. The awesome, caring family who loves him so much. Hubert’s need to please his father.

Legacy Update:

Official Synopsis: Growing up Hubert, now 50, never felt truly loved by his stepfather. And his stepfather admits giving more love and attention to his three biological children. Meanwhile, Hubert protected his brother and sisters from hearing and seeing their parents screaming and hitting one another. Forty years later, it’s Hubert’s siblings’ turn to help him overcome a horrible alcohol addiction that has left him living on the streets of Los Angeles for the past six months.

Original Air Date: April 2007
Interventionist: Ken

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  1. megan

    Dizzy, His addiction is/was alcohol, not heroin…

  2. Sara

    Hubert is still one of my all-time favorite people ever profiled on this show. His recovery was a sultry miraculous. I would love an update. I would also love to see him in the “most likable” category if he isn’t already.

    1. Sara again

      I meant to say “simply miraculous”, but this is what happens when I try to type on an iPad.

    2. B

      I just watched for the first time. What a loving, sweet, giving man. I came here looking for an update and am hoping he continues to do well. I also loved his family and friends – they could see who he was and embraced him. We all need to belong and feel significant. Does anyone know how Hubert is doing now?

  3. Sara

    I found Hubert on Facebook, he commented on Intervention’s post (with a meme from his own episode, no less). Looks like he is still doing great in his recovery, and recently celebrated eight years sober. It is very strange feeling emotions for a person you never actually met, but I am so genuinely happy for him, he deserves a wonderful life.

    1. Gene

      Sara I’m happy you know he is doing ok. Unlike the other interventions they didn’t show Hubert after he completed treatment. I wanted to see the joyful look on his face. I was bummed because of that. I’m happy to know he is doing well.

    2. Ashley

      Can I see his facebook? I too am curious about him today!

  4. sara

    Hubert’s Facebook is linked to my name. I would like to clarify that despite how curious I am about the people of the show, I do not stalk and track them down. I found Hubert because he commented on Intervention’s post. I was definitely disappointed that the “I was there” ten year anniversary special didn’t really feature him.

    1. Zack

      Ken did a follow up with Hubert during last night’s new episode of Intervention. He is now working in recovery!

    2. Erin

      Thank you so much for the update! Hubert is hands down my favorite person to be on this show. He had such a good heart and it is so wonderful to see he is happy, sober, and is now giving back. What an inspirational human being!


    Hubert is just a big big heart weeping tears of the suffering of life. His goodness is undeniable, I’m genuinely happy inside he has a life now. Just a big walking heart full of love. I think he found healing. No wonder that real estate developer dude took such a fondness for him he got him on the show. Hubert you The Man! thank you for letting us into your life’s!

  6. Ashley Nauni

    I was wanting to know if I could get in touch with Hubert. My mother met him in Shawnee Oklahoma at the kickapoo motel. He had no idea how he ended up there. She would like to talk to him and catch up.

  7. Lani

    I wonder how his friend is doing thats bipolar..was his name, jon?

  8. Troy

    I’m cheering for Hubert!

  9. Ash

    Looks like he’s still sober & got recently engaged/married! Sobriety is a beautiful thing. One day at a time brother 😉

  10. em

    There are a lot of good people on this show, but Hubert is by far the best in my opinion. Such a sweet gentle soul that deserves the best. I was elated when I saw his follow up and relieved to know that he is still sober.
    I hope his friend is okay, as well. Hubert seemed to care a lot about him.

  11. Anon

    Looking at his Facebook is weird, didn’t peg him as a Trump supporter…

    1. Jeff

      Neither did I… That bites. 🙁

      1. Chicagonurse

        Just goes to show you …he’s a very smart man.

    2. Janelle

      Who gives a toss who Hubert supports? He’s sober, he’s happy, he’s in love, his Dodgers are winning, and that’s what matters.

    3. Maz

      It’s Boone’s business who he supports. Whether he does or doesn’t that’s his right. No place for comments like this!!

    4. Lenaya

      Right, like… how could someone who’s been homeless support someone who supports putting spikes in public places so homeless people have nowhere to sleep, and who thinks homeless people are just ~lazy~ and need to get a job and it’s just that easy? People saying “it doesn’t matter!”… lol okay, sure, but it’s sad to see someone forget who they used to be and turn to the people who would’ve mocked him and hurled abuse at him back when he was sick and struggling.

      1. Lenaya

        But in any case, if you look at his page, he seems like a normal dude, no posts spreading lies or wishing death on the current president like most Trump supporters have up, AND at least he’s not an anti-vaxxer who thinks COVID is a hoax lol so as far as Trumpies go he’s not half bad. He seems really happy

    5. Maz

      So what if he is! Grow up

      1. Stefan

        It matter to many people because one should have more compassion for others having gone through the crap he has in his life. I do know many addicts who become extremists after they recover, which I gotta say is one of the top reasons for me to never touch hard drugs.

      2. Jean

        Thank you Maz! I’ve seen this on a few other profiles and the judgement has always bothered me. Just because someone’s political views don’t align with your own, they are entitled to their opinions just as everyone is. Maybe we should wish them well and support them in their recovery instead of trying to find something to pick at in their social media.

  12. BC

    About half way through is the happy update on Hubert. <3

  13. Spessie

    I am so happy to see that he is doing so well. He is one of my favorites on the show.

  14. Name

    Hubert is such a lovely person. I’m so happy he’s doing well. What happend to John?

    1. renee

      Someone asked on his facebook page three years ago. Hubert answered he couldn’t find him.