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S5E6 Casie

Season 5 Episode 8


Age: 25
Location: Texas
Addiction: Primarily meth, but she’ll do pretty much anything that gets her high. She’s also bulimic.

What’s memorable:  How everyone waits on her hand and foot and tiptoes around her constantly, and she’s completely abusive to them. And the boyfriend John. Oy vey! So weak when it comes to her, so enabling. And what the hell was with him watching her as she got ready for a date, after driving 7 hours to see her? Makes me wonder if it was an escort-type date, not a real date. Not confirmed, just guessing. Also it’s interesting that she got addicted to drugs because they were a way to lose weight. I wonder how many people have got addicted that way.

Official Synopsis: Once a successful hairstylist, Casie now works in a small-town salon to fuel her $500-a-week meth habit. Casie’s childhood was marred by her mother’s drug addiction. Suffering from low self-esteem, Casie became bulimic and an addict. She lost her career, her life’s savings, and her husband. Casie’s mother now tries to make up for Casie’s difficult childhood by enabling her, even at the cost of her own marriage. Casie’s boyfriend, John, also an addict, is desperately trying to keep her alive. Casie’s drug use is taking everyone down with her.

Original Air Date: January 2009
Interventionist:  Ken

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  1. Bri

    I wonder how her bf/ex John is doing…..

    1. Jesse

      he’s on ig tho he doesn’t post much… but his work was linked and he’s still on their page! seems healthy

  2. Marissa Robyn

    Would be nice to get an update how things are now. My goodness the stepdad bein so left out. And he was such a good guy. Wonder if they’re still together.

  3. Halley

    In this episode I appreciated Casie’s honesty… I could definitely relate to a lot of the things she said.

    1. kb

      I agree I did appreciate casies honesty also

  4. Jonathan

    Does anyone know of Casie’s progress? John? I sure hope that Hank is doing well and that his wife realizes she’s very lucky to have a good man in her life.

    Wish nothing but the best for all of them.

    1. Holly

      I have a friend who knows her and says that she has a son now, he was born shortly after she got sober.

  5. Claire

    Just like my mamma but I still love my mamma

  6. K

    This episode made me cry. Case reminded me so much of myself. I also felt so sad for her mom I really hope they’re both doing good today

  7. Kristy

    She on Facebook under Casie Florance. She looks like she’s doing good and now married.

  8. Kristy

    Sorry everyone it’s actually Casie James. Florance must be her maiden name.

    1. Latoya

      We were in cosmetology together..its so heartbreaking watching this episode..shocking also

    2. Hailey

      What is johns name?

  9. Glenna

    Dies anyone know her ex boyfriend Johns last name? He looks familiar

  10. Mike

    Based on her Facebook profile, she’s doing amazing! She’s married with two children and she has found faith in God. A complete turn around from where she was when she was on the show. I would post a link to her Facebook but I don’t know how to do that but you can look her up. She now goes by Casie James (Florance)

  11. Brooke

    casie treated everyone, particularly her mother and stepfather, sooo badly and i hate how everyone allowed it! so nasty, abusive, obnoxious, and sarcastic. she recognized it though and i believe was sorry, but still. i didn’t like the way casie AND her mother treated the stepdad. they both made him feel unwanted and unneeded, like he wasn’t even part of the family. he was a good guy. i’d be SO surprised if the mom and stepfather were still together today. and lastly, it bothered me how the bf was at casie’s beck and call. he was late for the pre-intervention bc he had to do her yard work and laundry? really? ugh. how is that more important?? i mean, i get why they all put up with it. it’s codependency and enabling and it’s easy to make these judgements from the outside looking in. bc i’ve been there so i have no room to talk. i’ve been in relationships where i’ve put up with wayyyyy more than i should have. and i’m not judging, just making observations.

  12. Jeanette

    Is this her? It sure looks like her..

    1. melissa

      Yes that is her. Ive seen a couple of those pics on her fb page.

    1. Gn

      Really doesn’t look like him. And these are from TN when the episode takes place in TX so I think it’s unlikely. Thanks for your research though!

      1. Lee Wilkerson

        It does say on the show he lives 7 hours away and visits every weekend, so it could be.

    2. Ashley

      None of those “Johns” are him, just random dark-haired white guys. Posting links about a bunch of random John Moody news articles is extremely negligent and potentially damaging to the real guy’s actual reputation.

  13. Sally Field

    Okay, does no one else see that Hank is the worst???? He DEFINITELY baits her. Everything he says to her is worded so selfishly and when he reads his letter at the end, he is clearly inhaling into his nose louder to make it sound like he is holding back tears. It sounds so fake, it’s plain as day. I think he was hugely detrimental to the intervention as a whole, and definitely should have been made to stay away from the beginning. He is definitely displaying many psychopathic traits. I also wonder if maybe he did something to her at some point? So he steamrolls her and pretends and forces himself into the safe space of her intervention to make sure she can’t say anything.

    1. Camilla

      Omg yes! Casies mom was right, he shouldn’t be allowed to take part on the intervention at first. Every move or word of him was not for help Casie, but to be mean to her.
      He didn’t show any genuine love, care or even worry about casie. He just seemed to hate her and wanting her out of their lives. He played the victim and wore a mask of “good guy making effort to be tough bc its necessary to save casie’s life” just to feel free to throw shite at her when she was most vulnerable. It was coward and abusive.

    2. Surv

      Couldn’t agree more. There is definitely a glaring part missing, one which would cause such self hate – As if no survivor were watching these victims.

  14. Meg

    Her instagram is @ck13ck …looks like she’s doing well!

  15. Alex McRitchie

    Looks like she found tattoos and bodybuilding!

    1. Stef

      This is her Facebook. She looks fantastic!

  16. Miranda Grim

    This one always made me mad. I’m not a fan of Ken’s style anyway, but this family was literally angry because they had nothing to threaten her with. And John…poor John. He came to the pre-intervention after working and doing chores and dealing with Casie who was apparently having an extremely bad day addiction-wise, and they all talk to him like dirt because he was late. Like it was just a bunch of excuses and you could tell it wasn’t, especially considering to even get there he had to bring her with him. He’s doing everything and they’re doing nothing and they still thought they had a right to bitch about it. Something else was up in that family. I guess this is where they felt like they were at with her addiction, but they get under my skin WAY more than the actual addicts in this case.

    1. Stefan

      My friend’s partner is an alcoholic with BPD and you just described his situation to a tee.

  17. Myssah

    Did she marry the other guy that was at her intervention? That kind of who he looks like.

    1. Carolyn Cowan-Pruitt

      Lord I hope she didn’t marry the other guy “Chip”. I think they ALL seem like a judgemental sacks of shhh. But her Mom.. I think her Mom was trying! They should have excluded ole Hank…maybe even from her entire life!! I hope that she’s doing well! I also hope that Mama is doing well, as well as the boyfriend John, who is TRYING & just seems like a lost soul.
      I realize my comments are way late & I see the true outcome.. but I wanted to add my opinion about the family cuz even tho I’m just now watching the episode for the 3rd time, for some reason this time I just can’t shake the bad vibes these people give off!!!

    2. Justin James

      Nope she married to me Justin James we have been married 10 years and have 3 boys. She is still a stylist with her own salon that we work at together. She worksout everyday. I’ve never seen her episode though. I didn’t marry the woman in that show. But we are extremely happy and busy. Thank ya’ll

      1. Sonya

        I really like the fact that you chose not to watch her episode. I’m from Kennedale so I thought I’d Jump On and check out y’alls business on Instagram and I have to say she looks awesome and she does a hell of a good job at the salon. I looked through so many pictures of the hair that she does and every one of them were fabulous. If I lived closer, I would definitely check it out!! Very beautiful family 😊

  18. Emily

    At the rehab I worked at one lady started drugs to lose weight. Broke my heart!

  19. Midwest86

    I re-watched probably for like the 5th time now after reading some comments and I have to say I really have a hard time with how in the episode and in the comments how people are so hateful towards Hank. First off we are watching a small snippet of their lives so we don’t know all the inner workings but there are some things that it seems people forget. Hank married Casie’s Mom knowing she had a teenage daughter without her father around and that can’t be easy. He was told basically from the start you are my husband but you don’t get to be a parent to my daughter even though we all will be living together. They pushed him away and despite that you can hear him saying he can’t help but care about her like a father because her bio Dad was never around. Then he loves and helps support the home but doesnt get to fully be a part of it. Then he watches as this girl goes down a dark path which is upsetting to see. He is watching the woman he loves have her heart broken, watch her fear of her daughter dying, and watch as she is verbally abused on a regular basis. He is also smart and being truthful that if Casie doesn’t get better and his wife doesn’t stop enabling she will die. I’m just saying her bio dad couldn’t be bothered to take part and Hank was putting his emotions and heart out there to help 2 women he cared for and all I see is hate towards him. Maybe its because I am a stepmom who helped her husband fight and get full custody to his 3yr old now 10yr old son with a woman who is an alcohol and narcissist to then take in that womans 5mo old raising him for going on 3yrs and watching her treat me like I am nothing because I didn’t birth him but blood doesn’t mean a damn to some people and you can love a child that isn’t biologically yours with every ounce of your heart and soul. To me that man was real and I saw pain on his face that I have seen in a mirror. Every update indicates Casie os doing well and I think that is beautiful. I think her Mom was a Mom who loved her daughter and felt honest guilt for past mistakes. I just think Hank shouldn’t get the hate he does. That was alot to read and I don’t intend to come across rude or anything I just really do think he deserves better.

    1. Angelica

      Totally agree. If Hank has been dealing with this shit for twelve years from both his wife who’s a ridiculous enabler and in denial…as well as his stepdaughter who is so hateful… the way she calls him “Henry” at the intervention proves how little she thinks of him. I didn’t find him to be an asshole at all. Having a stepchild who rejects you is a fucking hard thing to deal with, especially when their bio parent sucks. Also did anyone notice that her boyfriend John looked about sixteen and she looks 27? Maybe it’s the drugs but ew.

      1. Okay, but

        Hank is actually a nickname for Henry.